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Welcome to Snake Productions and Graphics.

This is a family owned business, which started as a hobby and fun set of ideas back in the early 2000s by Brad Owens. 

Brad is a diehard music, movie, and computer enthusiast. After completing his schooling from Full Sail University he has went on to work for multiple bands, Trapt, The Veer Union, and several others. Designing everything from banners, posters, lyric videos, and CD covers, etc for bands. Also Brad is available for taping on the road, and travel if needed. Comes equipped with 3 canon full HD cameras 2 4K Hand Held Cameras and 5 go pro style cameras to get varying angles, as well as his MacBook that travels with him.

Savannah is Brad's sidekick, wife, and mother of his kids. She is a full time employee of a factory, but she also runs a lot of the business aspects from the behind the scenes. Savannah is a music enthusiast also, she use to perform and sing locally, as well as art idealist, assisting in some designs, and occasionally designing some of the backgrounds, and any photography needs she takes care.

Snake Productions and Graphics wants to be your go to one stop for designs, videos, and photographic needs.

Contact us at

Thanks for your time, and have a great day.

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